Parisian Minimalism and Red Bag Lusting

Izzue grey trousers and a Zara blazer paired with a large red bag

Emmy Rossum pairing grey with red

Beautiful navy dress and a Chanel red bag

Black and white outfit paired with a red studded bag.

I have recently become a fan of dressing very minimally; I read an article about less being more when it came to street style and I love the way the Parisian stars dress very simply however they look so beautiful and put together. A while ago, I wrote a post on Parisian Street Style and I wanted to explore this idea more, if you haven't read it, I suggest reading that first as this is a part 2. I find that wearing the basic minimal colours (grey, white, beige, black, white) looks good in winter however in summer there needs to be a pop of colour and what better than a red bag. It's such a versatile colour that goes with nearly anything, making a dark colour palette look less dull. I've been lusting over a red bag for a while now, below are some I found for all price ranges:

Which is your favourite? Mines the Oasis one, (mainly because I can't afford any of the others oh). Happy Wednesday everyone.

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