NYFW: Desigual 2015

Thursday the 12th  marked the first day of New York Fashion Week 2015, Desigual's ready to wear collection walked the runway, Desigual brought something very light and chill to the runway, their clothing and the models attitudes were all very fun. Black and white geometric pieces, multicolour patterns, and distinct fabric textures filled the catwalk. The Yes collection speaks Desigual’s motto “la vida es chula” (life is cool). To watch the show it's here.

The entire collection is inspired by the world, inparticular by the Mediterranean and Africa; black and white prints and multi-hued embroideries, some reminiscent of 70s fashion, oriental themes and Baroque tapestries woven into vivid abstraction. The mood is secured by bundles of medieval gemstones, contemporary paintings and exotic buches of flowers , all portrayed on printed tulles, jacquards and duchess satin. Everything fitted together perfectly but was all unique.
The runway was brightly coloured and full of petals, creating an eyecatching base. Desigual represents a global world, one full of positivity and optimism. You can feel the spirit of the many cultures set deep within the models garments as well as being able to see the Mediterranean influence within the Yes collection alone. The entire show defiantly shined with sun, light, fun, passion and a zest for life.

Walking the runway was Chantelle Willis who you may have heard of before, she is one of my favourite model's. Last year she became the face of Desigual. (Pictured above) At age 4, she was diagnosed with vitiligo, which was the same skin disorder Micheal Jackson had. She has embraced her condition and has become a international model despite the bullying and rejection she once faced.

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