Celebrity Trends: Wavy Hair on the Red Carpet

Glamourous but natural, very chic and effortless. On the Bafta's there was a significant amount of wavy hair to complete celebrities looks. Here are the top 5 looks with wavy hair at the Bafta's
 Julianne Moore wore all red with a gown from Tom Ford along with the obvious, elegant wavy hair.
 Rosamund Pike prooves wavy hair works with a bob aswell, the actress pulled it off with a beautiful black dress.
Keira Knightley (aka.bae) dressed the baby bump in  a Giambattista Valli Couture gown, minimal make up and wavy long hair.
 Hayley Atwell has a more defined wave, with a more rock and aggressive twist to it.
 Sarah Jane Crawford,a dj and tv presenter showed off her Hollywood glamorous style with her waves.

The easiest way to achieve waves is to french plait, top knot or fishtail wet hair and wait a couple of hours for it to dry, add Umberto Giannini's 'Curl Friends' while wet to enhance curls and spray with hairspray once styled and dry.

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