January Favourites

Happy Tuesday! So for January I felt I had some actual favorites to write about and as my blog is literally 90% fashion news at the moment I thought I'd mix things up abit and focus on beauty, lets get started.

1) Laugh with me Lee Lee Perfume by Benefit - So I got this last September for my birthday however I'm one of those people that doesn't open a perfume untill I finished the last and this January I finally got round to trying it. The smell lasts all day and the packaging is so pretty; It smells rather strong, abit woody-floral with hints of citrus, jasmine and lilly blossoms, making it very feminine and classic.

 2) Seventeen Matte Bronzer - Someone recommended it to me and considering it was so cheap I wasn't sure, but it gives such a good glow under cheek bones and for once in my life I look like I have a Cheek Bone Game...

3) This is more of a trick rather than a product, I have recently been putting my eyebrow powder in the brush and running it through my eyebrows as it clumps less and looks more natural, all you need is a clean old mascara brush and some eyebrow powder/eyeshadow in the right colour.

4) MAC Lipstick in the Colour 'Pink Plaid' - I have spoke about this before on my blog, as its so cold I seem to default to wearing alot of black and this lipstick is perfect to give a pop of colour, plus it last all day.

5)  Stroke of Midnight Eyes By MAC - Another Mac Favourite, in the winter, I tend to wear darker colours on my eyes as it's winter and this is perfect, They are good for blending and the aubergine can be used as an eyeliner too.

6) Vogue February Free Edition - So as I've mentioned before, to celebrate the launch of Vogue's magazine on the Iphone, they are giving the February edition away free, highlights include; styling codes, an interview with Jourdan Dunn and more, defiantly worth it. Either visit the app store and download for free of click the link here.

7) Benefits Big Easy Cream - Bigger than BB cream is very light but has a good 'complexion perfection' formula, it changes from liquid to powder as you apply which can make it hard to blend however means you don't need powder after and so it makes it a light coverage without your skin becoming oily by the evening.

So there we go, Januarys favourite, be sure to check back soon for my next post, have a lovely week.

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