5 Tips to Pulling of a Jumpsuit this Summer

It's too cold for dresses in England making the jumpsuit the perfect staple for summer. But there's always the slight possibility you could look like a house painter in white overalls if it's not done right. So I scouted out the best tips from the internet to make the jumpsuit the best garment in your wardrobe.

1. Define the Waist

Up and down jumpsuits can work too but to define your waist gives you a figure straight away. If your jumpsuit doesn't have a waist already like Alessandra Ambrosio's one above, belts are a good option or a light weight jacket around the waist works too.

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2. Add Cutouts

To break up a block of solid colour add cutouts to the neck line, stomach or bottom half of the legs. It makes it look more delicate and breaks up a solid block of harsh colour. Like Taylor Swift as the Billboard music awards.

3. Go Denim

Why not, like Jaime King opt for a material that has a trend of its own this summer, there is lots of choice here; black, white or blue denim. 

4. Add patterns 

Go for something with a pattern or broken up material to space out the large amount of one colour. This could be done with a pattern- floral, stripes ect. or the type of material, for example sheer material (Like Lily Collins) or crotchet materials (if you dare, for more on this trend I wrote a post here)

5. Wear Heels

Any jumpsuit can be transformed with heels, it breaks up the outfit, makes you look taller and makes you look effortlessly put together. Like Cara Delevingne in a cut out Stella McCartney Jumpsuit, for more on Cara's style, I wrote a post here .

I hope this gave you some inspiration and ideas on how to wear a jumpsuit, they can literally be worn for any event and fit any style which makes them perfect in any wardrobe.

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