This Weeks Fall Couture Catwalks not to have Missed: Part 1

At the moment all the designer brands are releasing their 2015 Autumn Couture collections onto the runways of Paris and I'm not going to lie, most of them were very impressive. Initially I thought i'd scout out the top 5 but it was hard to pick so few that can't be missed, so I scraped that and have seven... and then a part 2.

Viktor and Rolf

Define the difference between art and fashion...Thanks to Viktor and Rolf the line between the two has grown increasingly smaller as they had models walkinghis master pieces that were literally artwork. The pieces looked like they had been literally pulled from an art gallery and thrown over denim dresses. It was no surprise the collection was called 'wearable art'. Designers became artists taking pieced off the models and hanging them on walls during the show. I thought the collection was both new and beautiful. 

Giambattista Valli

Normally Valli can be very daring on the runways where as this time they went more conservative, with this being said it was still one of my favourites, I loved the mix of textures and detailing. The ruffled shoulders, silk cloque skirts and fur capes and crimped dresses worked well on the Italian garden themed runway. 

Maison Margiela

The outfits were almost recycled, the collection was an elaboration of the Janus like capacity of humans and contradictions; ugly and beautiful, evil and innocent ect. this was reflected in their pieces for example one outfit had bunched oriental silks delicately, with a coat suspended from straps billowing behind. I feel John Galliano's collections reflect a transformation of him personally also, when he first came back to designing, things were bold, blood red and almost inhumane where as you see now a different streak coming through in his personality. For more on Galliano I wrote a blog post on him a while back which you can find here.

Armani Prive

Although the shoes were flats, the collection had little day wear pieces and a lot of pink which is no shock considering Elsa Shiaparelli entered onto the couture scene not long ago. The sea of sequins and swarvoski crystals mixed with the rawness of lose threads and shagginess (purposeful we hope) and  the defined brows, bold lips and hair gave a 'punk' themed collection which was pulled off well. 

Jean Paul Gaultier

Let me set the scene for this show. There's a crepe machine in front of you, the sound of squawking sea gulls you are surrounded by blue and white marine style strips. Where are you? Brittany seaside. There were aspects of Jean's work reflected in the show put together and designed by Anna Cleveland. Although I thought all the strips were a bit much at times , the detailing on garments and velvet aspects were enough to like the whole collection.

Atelier Versace

There seemed to be a different style to Versace tonight, in the past there has been Instagram logo dresses, ready to wear had met emojis and there had been complete precision where as this week there was a softer more delicate side, there were boho vibes and with the boots that almost looked like glamorous wellies it seemed a scene out of the V.I.P areas at Coachella. Can anyone let go of a lifetime of precision? Not Versace, they brought a show girl look to some final pieces.

Elie Saab

I'm 50/50 on Elie Saab's latest work. Maybe I'm looking at it wrong, but I wasn't as excited for Saab's collection as although all his pieces are done with up most perfection and always come out beautifully I feel they can sometimes look a little same-y if you aren't up close. The pieces were of course delicately embroidered and looked something out of a fairy tale however I felt it was nothing new, it didn't make you think what he might have wanted to portray by these designs, they did take my breath away. For more on Saab, I wrote a post on him here.

Which were your favourites? I think the Couture shows for fall were all amazing in their own way.
All pictures are credit to and if you want to see more coverage of the shows, that is the go to place or to look back at past couture on the runways, I wrote a post on it here.

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