The Best Loyalty Cards to Have in your Purse

So while I've been Ill I have been signing up for loyalty cards, and they have all been sent to me in the post and I've kept adding to my collection which I got too excited over. Here are the most useful ones:

Beauty Cards:

Superdrug - A card with a little mirror on. For every £1 you spend you get 100 points.
While on the topic of superdrug, their brow bar service also has a card which gets signed every time you get them done and after 5 times you can get them shaped for free, be sure to keep recites though to show at the end.

Boots - When you sign up for the card you get 100 free points, which can be used the same way as superdrug; 100 points are £1.


Starbucks - The card gives you rewards that can be shown on the app, another feature on the app is that you can by by your phone, always long as it's charged. (Made the mistake)

Costa - Joining the coffee club means 5 points for every £1 spent, you can use the card or the Costa app.

Millie's Cookies - You can pick up their cards in store, which you get stamped every time you go, to receive free orders.

Individual coffee shops - So for the more individual cafes many offer cards that work more with buying 4/5 drinks and getting the next free.

As you can see, I'm quickly turning into the coupon/card lady..oh. What are your top used cards?

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