The Top Spring 2015 Trends

The weather predicts snow and yet January is worryingly coming to an end, meaning it is nearly spring. As the weather is still on the chilly side it's nice to have something to look forward too, and what better than the best collections for 2015's spring. Here are my favourite trends to add to your spring wardrobe. 

A Clean Slate 
January a new start for opportunities but it seems it's reflecting in the fashion world aswell, brands such as Valentino and Celine have been walking the runway in embellished sequins, pearls and extravagantly simple white garments.
Some affordable alternatives:

21st-Century Tweed
Chanel weaves a collection of optimism and and has been establishing an unfettered mood for spring, tweed garments can be added to nearly any outfit.
Some alternatives:

Fighting Fashion
The canvas judo belt is back, plunging kneck lines draw the eye in with the help of a judo belt, although it may sound odd, it really does work. And when you are wearing black belt you know really have mastered the spring trends. (I know I'm very punny)

The Subbtle 70's
Louis Vuitton has brought a retro signiture to the runways for spring, with velvet and furnishing prints.

Sporty Minamilism 
Sporty and tailored, the sports wear takes a officewear influence, for example in this Rag & Bone 2015 collection.
Some different alternatives:

Obviously Spring is full of many more trends, here was just a whistle stop tour of my five favourites, which I hope you enjoyed.

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