The Top 5 Best Sag Moments

As most of you know the Screen Actors Guild awards have just been held and everyone who attended looked amazing, for those who haven't been watching it, 'E' has got a good coverage of it. As it all comes to an end lets look back at 2015's best SAG moments.
 Lupita Nyong'o always brings so much positive energy to the red carpet, her Ellie Saab pre-fall design dress suited her perfectly, she deserves an award for just showing that printed dresses work on the red carpet.
Kiera Knightley, my absolute favourite, spoke about her plans for motherhood and how she will bring up her baby saying  'I think its very important to raise boys who are feminists and very important to raise girls who don't expect prince charming and allow men to be emotional and weak at points and strong at points.' She then went on to say that she won't be wearing anything tight, 'I'm quite comfortable, she's quite comfortable.' Maybe signalling it could be a girl.
 As the cast of 'Birdman' go up to receive their awards, Noami Watts tripped on Emma Stone's dress and had to be saved by Edward Norton- as the rest of the cast stare at the floor in embarrassment..
Jennifer Anniston was selected to do the 'I'm an actor' speech, my favourite line was “When I was a little girl growing up in New York City, all I ever wanted to be was Scarlett O’Hara, Oh well. I’m Jennifer Aniston and I’m an actor.” The bronze beauty looked gorgeous in this vintage Galliano gown, her new style is a hit.
I think this had to be my favourite moment, not only did Eddie Redmayne deserve the 'Best male actor' award but his reaction was heart warming, he was so surprised and I think there was even a few tears. 

So that was it, my top 5 moments. Let me know what yours are and have a lovely week.

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