Fur & Embroidered Jeans



In an attempt to post more outfit posts, a resolution from last year, I thought I'd share my embroidered jeans which remains a work in progress in which no doubt I will add more faces. These being my first tries at embroidery, I am grateful that embroidery is very forgiving when it comes to untidy and unsymmetrical work and in some ways could be purposeful. The green face defiantly needs more added to it, and possibly a less wonky mouth, stay tune for updates on this. 

For those who can see past my blurry photos, (it seems posing for photos is not my forte) here are the outfit details: 
Turtleneck - Oxfam
Jeans - Originally Topshop, minus the embroidery
Fur - Miss Guided

Happy new year. Also, apologies for the odd layout of photos, I'm in need of some blogger layout help if anyone is a pro...

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