This Weeks Reading List

This week I've been reading some interesting fashion articles and thought I'd re-start an old line of posts; the weekly 'This Weeks Reading List' with all the top stories from this week to read. 

Quartz: Culture Appropriation and Fashion - This initially came from the Business of Fashion's daily digest, When is it okay, if ever, to 'borrow' ideas from other cultures in fashion? I thought it a very interesting read

The Guardian: Advertisers and Body Ideals - Another interesting read on a controversial topic.

Vogue: Raf Simons leaves Dior - Incase, like me you're in disbelief at the newest fashion news

Harpers Bazaar: Drake Inspires the new Tom Ford Lipstick - After his birthday, and the countless 'Hotline Bling' gifs how else is Drake keeping everyone talking? By being the muse behind the new Tom Ford Lipstick of course!

Fashion Proteins: Where do Trends Come from? - From one of my favourite blogs, I really enjoy the different topics she talks about. In this post she discusses how designers decide what will be on their catwalks and answers a questions that I've always had - How do different brands all design with the same trends in mind?

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